Dear visitor,

Bergman & Van Laake split up after 16 years of pleasant and successful collaboration.

Joost Bergman focuses on a position in the museum world since 2018 while Marc- Jan will continue the Art Consultancy.

This website wil be eventually replaced by a new site.

Welcome to the website of Bergman & Van Laake,
art consultants

In 2003 we started out with nothing but an internet connection, a vast reference library and a fancy business card. Since then, Bergman & Van Laake has developed into a flourishing art consultancy company with a circle of loyal clients.

Being art consultants we do not keep stock, nor do we have gallery space for displaying art. Therefore it seemed a good idea to create a proper place for people to visit us. It became a digital one.

Besides basic information regarding our consultancy practice and contact info, the website shows ample photo material of artworks that have been purchased through our assistance. It is impossible to let you have a complete overview, instead we chose for pieces representing a cross-section in time and technique.

The website also harbours the database of the Rosetta Collection, an Amsterdam based art fund, started by one of clients in 2005.

Through our events calendar we would like to keep you informed about upcoming art fairs and noticeable auctions. You are most welcome to join us in a visit.

Finally, the traditional business card that helped putting the Bergman & Van Laake name on the map, has been traded in for a younger, more dynamic design: matured through experience, still playful by appearance.